This information is not a source of law. We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that it complies with the applicable regulations. However, it should be borne in mind that it concerns typical cases that may occur frequently and may not fully address individual cases. The number and type of documents that the administrationmay request in the course of the proceedings may differ from those given depending on the specific case. If you have any further questions, please contact the competent authority to hear the individual case, read the law yourself or report to our Law Firm.

Who can apply for a permanent residence permit?

A permanent residence permit shall be granted to the alien for an indefinite period, at his request, if:

1. is the child of an alienwho has been granted a permanent residence permit or a residence permit for along-term EU resident under his or her parental responsibility;

2. is the child of a Polish citizen ;

3. is a person of Polish origin and intends to settle in the territory of the Republic of Poland on a permanent basis;

4. remains married to a Polish citizen in a marriage recognised by the law of the Republic of Poland ;

5. is a victim of trafficking in human beings ;

6. immediately before applying for a permanent residence permit, he stayed continuously in the territory of the Republic of Poland;

7. he was granted asylum in the territory of the Republic of Poland ;

8. psettles a valid Charter of a Pole and intends to settle in the territory of the Republic of Poland permanently.

The exact requirements for a permanent residence permit can be found in Article 195 of the Aliens Act.

What documents do I need?

1. Completed in accordance with the instructional application form;

2. Four photographs ;

3. Aserocopy of a valid travel document (original for inspection), in a particularly justified case where the alien does not have a valid travel document and is not able to obtain it, may produce another document confirming his identity . ];

4. Proof of payment of stamp duty (failure to confirm payment of stamp duty results in refund).

Detailed information on the required documents can be found here. In any case, the Office may call on you to submit other documents, depending on your individual situation.

Submitting an application with a set of all the documents you need can speed up your case by up to a few months!

How much does it cost?

Stamp duty on application for a permanent residence permit is PLN 640 .

The fee for issuing a residence card is 50 PLN .